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PE Agricultural Tunnel Cover Film

Low Tunnel Agricultural Film

Can protect plants & vegetables against cold wether and pests; accelerate the ripening.


Material: original polyethylene

Thickenss: 50Micron-120Micron

Punch Holes: 10mm diameter or as per customer's requirement

Normal Size: 1.2m*1.8m/2m/5m/10m/30m/50m/100m




Packing: length less than 30m, we use bags then in carton

             length equal or longer than 30m, we pack the plastic film on roll


1. Creat a small climate for the crops, provide protecion for plants and vegetables in the early stage of growth;

2. The holes on the cover can give the essential air, water and sunlight for the crops;

3. Providing protection against cold weather, animal and pest damage.