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black and white film

Black And White Film    

The three-layer co-extrusion technology can produce the black and white film with max width 8m and 25-350micron thickness. The technology makes the film contains indivisible three layers; each layer has different proportion of polymer and different additives. Each layer provides effective performance for the quality of the film, achieving optimum combination.


    1. Black And White Mulch Film

Application: asparagus, vegetables&fruits's growing, hydroponic poly film

     2. Black And White Greenhouse Film

Application: vegetables, flowers plantation, poultry farming, edible mushrooms cultivation

     3.  Black And White Tube Film

Application: holding and storing grain, grass, fodder for extended periods

Thickness: 80-250 Micron

Width: 0.5-4M  

     4.  Black And White Hydroponics Grow Bag

Application: tomato, chili, cucumber, and various  vegetable¡¯s growing